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Stop sifting through CVs and simplify the job search process with DEKKD, an app that finds the right employee or company for you with a swipe of a finger.

We are launching in 2024 and would LOVE your input! Have your say with a quick survey about your industry-specific job search requirements.

Launching 2024

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Swipe to Match

Tired of looking through CVs? Trying to shine amongst countless other applicants? Unsure how to highlight your top skills?

Stand out with photos, core values and star ratings on a DEKKD profile. Then swipe through prospective employees or companies to find your match.

Tell us what features are important to make your profile shine with our survey:

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Strong Filter

Does your industry do away with traditional Monday-Friday, 9-5pm positions? Filter more than full-time or part-time work with DEKKD. With a strong industry-specific filter, add search requirements regarding:

  • 24/7 shifts
  • accommodation options
  • company core values
  • location of applicant
  • seasonal work
  • skill-specific roles
  • visa requirements

Tell us more about your filter requirements in our survey:

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In-App Interviews

Interview prospective applicants through our in-app messaging feature.

  • book interview times in-app
  • companies initiate contact
  • interview people regardless of location
  • send photos and files relevant to interview process
  • text message, call or video chat

Let us know your interview expectations with our short survey:

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Star Ratings & Reviews

Be accountable to your skills and experiences while seeking companies that have a good track record. Stop chasing references or wondering if the applicant's core values align with your company.

See reviews and star ratings for both employees and companies with exit interviews activated at the end of employment.

Give your input on the review feature with our survey now: